Welcome to Lotus Counselling and Mediation Services

Just like the Lotus, which can bloom in muddy waters regardless of its surroundings. We too have the ability to achieve our potential without giving much heed to the surroundings.

At Lotus counselling I will help you to achieve that. That is focus on your inner strengths to bring back the serenity and peace without being affected by the muddy waters.

Life presents with muddy water situations all the time mostly we manage, there will be times when we might find it challenging to cope. At those times talking about your situations will help you get some clarity. However, there are lot of factors which will influence us to initiate this conversations. This is where counselling helps. As a trained professional I will provide non-judgmental confidential space to accurately assess your therapeutic situation. Apply effective counselling techniques to improve your wellbeing and set you in the right direction.


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