We have been coming to counselling as required for over a year. Rathna has been very supportive,professional and compassionate throughout the year. We’ve gone through ups and downs and she has managed to get us through. One month ago we were heading towards divorce after purchasing a property. Within three sessions she has brought us back together walking on the path again. Thank you Rathna for everything you have done.

J & A Melbourne South East

I was very reluctant on visiting a therapist and had almost given up on our marriage. I went to the session hesitantly along with my wife. Over three session there was magic happening in our relationship. I wish we had gone before so that we could have avoided the unnecessary stress. However as Rathna puts it everything is a learning curve. We have welcomed a new member into our life
J since then. It is a journey with lot of hurdles but we are in it together now.thanks !

A & S Melbourne South East

I was struggling with parenthood after the birth of my child; my health nurse suggested counselling. I contacted Rathna and attended the group progeny and me. It was fantastic 6 weeks; one thing I learnt from this workshop is that I am not alone. There were many people going thorough this phase. I am able to manage parenthood more effectively. All I felt prior to the workshop was guilty, isolated and angry. Now I am more connected with people around me, feel settled and with some self care techniques able to manage the parenthood!

P Melbourne. South East

I attended the guided meditation workshop and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

J S Melbourne South East

After few years in a abusive relationship I separated and was housed in a shelter. My agency and support worker took me to counselling. I can’t express how crucial it was to me at that time. Rathna helped me to set goals for the future and look forward to what can be changed in my behaviour to achieve it. I also learnt on ways to put my past to rest, simple steps that let me grieve for the past and shelf it.

N Melbourne South East